Sol F​.​C.

by Hakim Be

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Written for the Albuquerque Sol Futbol Club.


Sol F.C. - hakim bellamy

In the heart of Aztlán
there is a sol.

A soul
that burns like the harvest sun.
That turns chile
into the championships
that we show up everyday
at 6am to grow.

A sol
that pulses like a piece of molten mesa.
Extra terrestrial hearts
that our opponents can see from a distance,
even beneath our away kits.

Like a Red Giant fist
standing in the center of our chest.

They can see it beating them.

When you live this close to the sun
you do not fear supernova.

Cooler than the other side of the Sandias.
Immune to fear and burnout.
At this elevation…
we are an evolution of retina,
endurance and hard work.

We are bigger lungs
that are full of bigger skies,
big enough to embrace our abundance of prayers
and hold on to our biggest dreams.

We are the direct descendants of the Sun.
An offspring of helium & hydrogen,
from the home of the hot heads and the hot air balloons,
we are as much combustion
as we are fly.

We were born to play the beautiful game
in the most beautiful place on earth.
That is our inheritance
from the patron saint of soccer fields everywhere…

Fields awash in our most precious resources:
water, blood, sweat and tears.
Our living sacrifice to the Mezoamerican ball games
our predecessors used to play
right here.

The fast feet of the flamencos.
The marathon make up of Po’pay.
The ¡Nunca abandone! of los campesinos.
So many nations in our blood,
we might as well be a pick up game at the World Cup.

The fight over this turf, that we’ve endured
empire after empire, border after border, league after league
in order to remain
ourselves, no matter what name we are given next.

Leaving everything, except our pride,
on the field of battle,
because the root word of soldier
is sol.

And if having sol is about attitude
then we got plenty of it.

The brand of association football
that grows in the desert
is kin to any other phenomenon
with the constitution to survive here,

And for those who doubt us,
who doubt the existence of the Aztlán, inside us,
who say, “Albuquerque will never have a Major League Soccer Club.”

We respectfully ask you
to leave this pitch,

because this family
is for believers only.

© Hakim Bellamy September 17th, 2016


released September 18, 2016
Hakim Bellamy



all rights reserved


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Hakim Be Albuquerque, New Mexico

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